American Child Inc.

****education for the young child****


Getting ready for kindergarten is fun and exciting. The four year olds are getting filled with new knowledge that will help them excel in kindergarten as they begin recognizing and writing their name.

Pre-Kindergarten is designed to help children prepare for the next learning stages through a safe and nurturing environment. Some concepts that are important for these children are listening skills, following directions, and social interaction.

Ms. Rachel and Ms. Piper and Ms. Michelle help the children learn problem-solving skills and negotiation through positive role playing. The teachers also model the importance of taking turns, sharing, and being responsible for one's actions and behavior by making good choices.

The four year old room is divided into centers where the children can have independent learning time as well as peer interaction. These centers include kitchen/dramatic play, block, computer, science, math, art, and literature which includes audio books.

The children enjoy daily circle time where they discuss the current weather, what day is today, what day was yesterday, and what tomorrow will be. The children also discuss what month it is and how many days are in the month. The children practice counting to 30 daily and speaking in Spanish. Circle time also includes reading books and acting out plays or dramatic events.

Each day the children are given time to be creative in art with paints, crayons, markers, recyclable items, clay, play dough, and other mediums that they can use to express themselves.