American Child Inc.

****education for the young child****


The three year old room is full of adventure and fun as most children are experiencing a group setting for the first time.

Ms. Anita and Ms. Esmeralda strive to make each child feel safe and secure as they are beginning their preschool experience with many new faces.

The room is set up with play centers throughout the room for reading, kitchen/dramatic play, science, math, art, water/sand, and block area. This is a very important time for our children, as it gives them free choice and a sense of control.

Each day is filled with enriched activities that help master social and emotional development, decision-making skills, and language skills. These fun activities include creative art activities - guided and independent, circle time where the children begin counting in spanish and making up stories by reading through books, imaginative and creative play, and the wonderful outdoor playground time where the children can swing, run, and ride bikes.